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Middlewich Narrowboats: traditional narrowboat holidays since 1971

Welcome to Middlewich Narrowboats. We are a small, family run canal boat hire and repair company and have been helping thousands of people enjoy British waterways since the 1960s. During the early days of canal holidays, Middlewich Narrowboats was the jewel in the crown in the prime position on the waterways.

Current owners Greg and Sue bought the business a few years ago. Greg’s first narrow boat holiday was as a teenage student hiring a boat with friends. That first trip sparked a lifetime love of the canals and he returned many times with family and friends, to Middlewich and other canal hire boat bases over the years.

“I can remember so much of that canal holiday, more than any other place I have been the world”

Canal boat holidays really do create memories for life.

Greg had a career the Royal Air Force, bringing back injured service people from wherever they fell ill or injured. His patients could have anything from a sprain to multiple amputations, requiring full life support to be bought back home to surgeons and their family. He served in several conflict zones, ending his career as an Aeromedical Evacuation instructor.

The call of the canals was strong and the opportunity to buy Middlewich Narrowboats came up 20 years after his first narrowboat holiday. Buying the business, both Greg and Sue were disappointed to find the place and the narrow boats in poor condition and the only advantage being, that they knew exactly how to restore the company to its former glory.

These days, Middlewich Narrowboats is back where it should be instilling the love of the waterways in hundreds of people each year with a loyal following of customers who love boating as much as we do.

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